Lapierre Zesty Spicy 2012_2015 Bearing kit

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Lapierre Zesty Spicy 2012_2015 Bearing kit Summary

Lapierre Zesty Spicy Bearing Kit 2012_2015

New improved parts with high tolerance bushes

You can save money and run cheaper bearings that will wear out more quickly, however in the long run you will simply need to buy more sets of bearings and also have all the time and effort involved in servicing your frame again.

These bearings are designed for performance and durability, add to that the custom weather proofing for outdoors use and you have a bearing kit that is made to handle extreme conditions.

Full Lapierre Fitting Instructions Provided with this Kit, also these are original Lapierre parts, as used by us in the workshop.

2x BB pivot bearings

4x linkage plate pivot bearings.

2x Shock Linkage Bearings 

2x Articulate Frame Bushes with Plastic Sleeves.

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