THE HIRER IS RESPONSIBLE for the bike and the equipment and will be liable for any loss or damage to the bike or equipment.

Hire bikes should only be ridden on Cafall and Trwch Trail. Any bikes found to have been ridden on a trail above the Pedalhounds and Y Mynydd will have their damage deposit withheld.
( Ie. Any Downhill Trial must not be ridden on a Hardtail Bike.)

1. POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION – is required from each hirer plus a utility bill showing a UK permanent
You must bring a valid driving licence or passport (Photo Id) and a credit card to leave
    with us during the duration of hire.  

    No ID,  No Hire and No refund!

    (Non UK residents will be REQUIRED to pay a £200 refundable deposit)

2. A damage deposit is required when hiring equipment and will take the form of an open debit/credit card voucher, which will be surrendered upon return of the equipment in a satisfactory condition. (£50 per bike £200 for non UK).

3. As the client, I understand that I am responsible for all equipment relating to this agreement which will be listed on your online web order or pre-printed hire form, available when you collect your bikes. I confirm that I will be responsible for the payment of any damage (including third party) caused as a consequence of any dangerous cycling, loss of control, negligence or loss of equipment if the cycles are not locked to a fixed object through the frame and front wheel. Proof of lock breakage is required for any insurance claim.

4. I confirm we are ALL competent cyclists.  I recognise we will be riding cycles which we many not be familiar with and as such we will exercise additional care and attention.  ‘The Hirer’ lends cycles on the understanding that EVERY rider can use gears properly, adjust the saddle height and at least one person knows how to FIX A PUNCTURE.

5. I understand that refunds are only given PER BIKE (not group) Refunds CANNOT BE GIVEN for punctured tyres or damage caused to gears as a result of incorrect use.  I accept that I may have to accept responsibility for bike damage caused by incorrect use of equipment and that the nature of off-road cycling makes these dangers possible.

6. I acknowledge the recommendation of ‘The Hirer’ to strongly recommend the use of safety helmets. You and everyone else in your group assume full responsibility for any accident, injury or death which should occur as a result of taking this decision.

 7. All young persons (aged 17 or younger) MUST wear a cycle helmet as a condition of hire, and will only be issued with equipment when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

 8. Safe cycling is dependent on your alertness and good judgement. Please cycle sensibly, with respect for others and the natural habitat. Cyclists are expected to follow the Highway Code and Trail Centre Cycling Code.

 9. I confirm that I will be responsible for the payment of any surcharge levied as a result of the cycles being returned later than the agreed time stated (1/2 Days 3 Hours) (Full Days 6 1/2 Hours) or in an excessively dirty state, requiring remedial work beyond ‘The Hirer’s normal post-hire maintenance. (£5 PER 15 minutes).

 10. Cycling can be dangerous and has risks involved. By signing this Agreement you and everyone else in your group declare to be in good health and are not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect normal control of the bicycle. You and everyone else in your group also agree to:

  • not undertake any manoeuvres which are beyond your level of skill or beyond the design purposes of the equipment provided by ‘The Hirer’.
  • not ride on pavements or footpaths and keep to the Official Cycle Network within the Forest Drive
  • not cycle after dark as unless your bicycles are fitted with lights, bells  reflectors.

11. I understand that in the event of a mechanical failure other than punctures, ‘The Hirer’ will offer a breakdown service for the cycle but not the individual (due to insurance constraints). The emergency number is on the front of the Hire Agreement.

12. I fully indemnify ‘The Hirer’ against claims of injury to myself or any third party unless it can be proven that ‘The Hirer’ did not fulfil reasonable maintenance procedures for the equipment being used.

13. This Agreement is covered by English Law. In the event that any part of the Agreement is for any reason unenforceable the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

‘The Hirer’ is Ps Cycles.


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