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Purchased Through CycleScheme.

Ps Cycles are now an official partner of CycleScheme.

With CycleScheme you can make BIG savings on a bike for work through your employer.

Your employer has to be willing to run the scheme before you can get your bike. This is because the scheme can only run through what is known as a salary sacrifice, where you agree to temporarily reduce your wages to pay for the hire of goods ñ in this case a bike and equipment. The scheme is available to UK tax payers who pay PAYE. Please note that the self-employed cannot take part in the scheme

The good news: once your employer is on board we help them administer the scheme and you should be on two shiny new wheels before you can say ìwhere are my cycle clips?î.

What are the benefits?

Make big savings on the cost of a bike and safety equipment
pay monthly and save VAT, National Insurance and income tax
get any make or model of bike from your local shop
How does it work?

This is an example of how much a higher rate tax payer can save on a £500 bike package hired over a 12 month period:

Please note Rrp prices will be charged on all Cycle to work Bikes.

Bike package retail price (inc. VAT) £500
VAT saved £74.47
Income tax and NI saved £174.36
Net monthly repayments £20.93
Total bike package price £251.16

I'm interested, so what do I do now?

Come and visit us in our shop or call us for a chat on: 01495 272279

We will issue you with a quote, your employer authorises the quote, CycleScheme issue a secure voucher which you can then use to collect your bike.

The CycleScheme website.

Poplular Bikes we sell on Cycles Scheme 

                            Marin Bikes

Marin is a bicycle manufacturer in Marin County, California, established in 1986. It specializes in mountain bikes but also has other types. Many of its 68 bicycles are named after locations in and around Marin County.

BobCat Trail 7.5 Sport Mtb £700    

From GT’s namesake Gary Turner designing one of the first BMX race bikes in 1972 to our modern carbon fiber creations that redefine fast-as-hell, we’ve built a long legacy of racing and winning, yet never taking ourselves too seriously.

As a company, we’re 44 going on 18. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

GT Avalanche

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